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As it emerges, Kingsley Learning Foundation inherits these lighthouses and they are
called upon as we form and create the strategies, policies and procedural systems
that will drive the Trust and its constituent schools. In due course the text of the
lighthouses will be reviewed and revised to reflect changing context but we
confidently assert that their core values are permanent and immutable.


KLFT Learning Lighthouses:


1. We believe that education should make a positive difference to the lives of each of
our pupils now and in the future 

2. We recognise and respect that everyone has an individual learning style and we
provide opportunities for everyone to develop their potential

3. We work as a multi-professional team to inspire, guide and support, so that
everyone has access to the very best educational opportunities

4. We aim to provide a supportive, secure, educational environment in which
inspiring and challenging teaching and learning is actively encouraged

5. Everyone's achievement is recognised and celebrated

6. We are part of the wider educational community and are committed to inclusive

7. We provide a clearly structured curriculum within which creativity is encouraged

8. We are accountable for our work to governors, parents and most of all to the

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