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The Kingsley Micro University has helped me achieve so much over these two years, from building skills I never thought I’d have, to becoming the person I am now. Learning in the workplace has amazing benefits like being able to experience more of the things you learn about, as well as giving you the knowledge you need to do the job to the best of your ability. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two years doing the KMU course and I hope many people will enjoy it as much as I did.

JA - Former Student




Throughout my time on the Kingsley Micro University course I learnt so much not only about my role but also about myself. The majority of what I've learnt hasn't came from a book or computer but it came from working with the amazing, incredible and inspirational children. Kingsley offered many training opportunities within the school itself that were relevant to our children. Such as, communication, signing and manual handling. I started the course knowing nothing about SEND but I finished it with a wealth of knowledge. I built relationships not only with the children in my class but with a range of children from different departments in school by working at After School Club and holiday Play Scheme, which also meant I could earn some money. 

During my time on the course I was also able to have professional discussions with other professionals that have involvement with our children, such as physiotherapists and speech and language therapists. This allowed me to gain a wider knowledge of children’s specific needs and the specialist programs they follow during school. 

Kingsley is a rewarding, magical dream achieving place like no other. It’s a very special, special school. You have a perception of what a special school is and does before you come but whatever you expect, Kingsley is more, so much more in everything it does, it is exceptional. The children love coming to school, the staff love coming to work. At Kinglsey we have fun, we laugh everyday and we love seeing the children achieve their goals. Someone once said to me ‘Kinglsey is like a mouse trap, but a good mouse trap. Once you’re in you can’t leave, because you simply don’t want to!’ And I can safely say it is completely true! 

I've achieved so much from “learning on the job” and I believe it really is the best way to experience and learn about the uniqueness and magic of Kingsley.

GC - Former Student

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