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While the technical facets of the provision carry great importance this Learning
Foundation is fundamentally and inextricably built on its values and ethos. These are
values that place the 'child in family' at the very heart of its operation, recognising
that the child's life and learning chances cannot be nurtured without attending to the
well-being and resilience of the entire family. Learning is the key objective but cannot
be attained in isolation but only through the collaboration of parents/carers, school
and associated partners, each contributing their specific value and each in turn
learning from the other.
Kingsley Learning Foundation is built on the pre-existing excellence of Kingsley
Special Academy and Kingsley Special Academy's approach is founded on its 'Learning Lighthouses', an articulation of key principles which underpin every aspect
of the school's working. The lighthouses are evident in the minutest of daily
transactions just as they are at the heart of the school's strategic development. They
guide and shape all professional undertakings and every outcome is accountable to
these principles.
As it emerges, Kingsley Learning Foundation inherits these lighthouses and they are
called upon as we form and create the strategies, policies and procedural systems
that will drive the Trust and its constituent schools. In due course the text of the
lighthouses will be reviewed and revised to reflect changing context but we
confidently assert that their core values are permanent and immutable.

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